I have worked in both hospital and community settings with people experiencing forms of physical illness, mental illness, trauma and grief/loss.  My therapeutic approach incorporates intersectional and humanistic values and follows the individual needs and experiences of each person.  My practice is welcoming to everyone and hopes to be a safer space for all varying in age, background, (a)gender, ability, and (a)sexuality. 

am an art therapist, artist and therapeutic facilitator.  I obtained my master's degree in Creative Arts Therapies from Concordia University, and I am a professional member of Quebec's Art Therapy Association.  I believe in creativity as an empowering process that encourages well-being and connections with ourselves, others and community.  I hope to work collaboratively and authentically with people to support their mental health and healing through the therapeutic use of creative processes and conversation.  I hope to provide the people I work with a safer space to work through their personal process and explore their life experiences, stories, sense of self, and relationships.  The arts-based framework of my practice allows for both verbal and non-verbal forms of expression and communication.

About Me

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